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Yingjia investment office Registered capital: 100 million yuan The size of working capital: 1 billion yuan Limited partner investors may invest size: 10 billion yuan Has the total capital investment projects: 1.5 billion yuan Registered scope of business: For real estate, medicine, tourism, construction, hotel industry, agriculture, industry, advertising industry, education, culture and arts industry, high-tech industry investment; investment consulting, investment management. Processing, manufacturing, sales: clothing, apparel, textiles, beaded items, embroidery, shoes, hats, toys; Sales: plastics, ceramics, telecommunications equipment, paper and paper products, office equipment, household appliances, cleaning supplies, daily necessities, hardware, plumbing equipment, arts and crafts, building materials, chemical raw materials (excluding dangerous chemicals), general machinery, electronic products, computer and accessories; export, technology import and export. Development Description: Guangdong Investment Ltd., formerly known as Mi Kaiao Yingjia International Investment Group, founded in 2006, specializing in childrens clothing, toys, supplies related chain investment operations, investment in the relevant import and export trade, international business cooperation. Since the beginning of 2007 to operate independently of investment, real estate, information technology, advertising, investment planning industry, investment in prototype form Yingjia, 2010, through expansion capital and strategic cooperation, asset integration, and inject 100 million yuan registered Yingjia Investment Co., Ltd. was established in Guangdong, a more professional team, more large-scale investment capital operation. Yingjia investment is to real estate, industrial real estate, commercial real estate development, based on information technology, LED polymer materials technology, biotechnology and eco-agriculture, forestry development, and then followed by other investments, including businesses, individuals and various large-scale investment projects, such as mining, real estate, hydropower, agriculture, forestry, aquaculture, transportation, government programs, such as construction in progress, the introduction of the concept of international investment, to create first-class team. Yingjia investment, Mi Kaiao International Group founder Mr. Liu Zhao description: Mr. Liu Zhao created Mi Kaiao International Group, ten years since childrens clothing brand operations, childrens clothing brand has jingle cats, big eyes frog, r100, M & Q chain network to open all over the country and some Southeast Asian, European countries. A wealth of operational and corporate brand management experience, so that Mr. Liu Zhao 07,08,09 years have been in the relevant national organization as a "harmonious society in China brand Outstanding Entrepreneur", "Chinese brand building outstanding entrepreneurs", "Chinese childrens clothing industry Ten leader. " Yingjia Investment Co., Ltd. - Mr. Liu Zhao Hong Kong listed company Bosideng International Holdings Limited (HK.3998) Star on Hailan Bo executive director of Childrens Products Co., Ltd. Mi Kaiao International Group founder, chairman Chinas top ten childrens clothing industry leader Professional Committee of China National Garment Association, chairman of Children Clothing & Accessories Association, Guangdong Provincial Committee, deputy director of childrens clothing professional Shantou Textile and Apparel Association Vice President Well-known clothing brand marketing experts, senior management division chain Shi Zhanpai Marketing management experts, planners, senior lecturer Zhongshan University, Shantou University, Henan University, South China University and other institutions of higher learning Distinguished Guest Lecturer